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Dr. Mora listens to you and believes that:
1. Each person is unique. Cookbook formulas do not work for everyone.
2. The least toxic and most effective healing tools should be used. The focus needs to be on removing excesses and replacing deficiencies to decrease inflammation and strengthen the immune system.
3. Treating the underlying cause is better than just treating the symptoms. For example, treat hidden infections and replace missing probiotic bacteria.
4. The human body is a complex ecosystem.  The physician is the gardner, not a mechanic, who helps remove toxins from the body and replace deficient vitamins and minerals.
5. Food is medicine but the diet needs to be individualized for each person. This optimizes sugar metabolism (which prevents insulin resistance and diabetes), decreases inflammation, and prevents cancer.
6. Intravenous vitamins, bio-identical hormones, homeopathic remedies, special diets, acupuncture, herbs, prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and other reparative injections are useful tools. Combining treatments gives better results.
7. Sleep, exercise, laughter, and relaxation are important to maintain health.
8. Affirmations, visualizations, and meditation promote optimal health.
9. Prevention is the best medicine.
10. Love is a powerful healer, so I say: "Hugs Heal!"
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